How to Get a Net 30 Vendor Account

Our goal is to help you access business credit cards and loans. And to do that, you’ll need to build your business credit by opening a Net 30 Vendor Account.

Make your first purchase

After you’ve opened your business bank account, you’ll want to make your first purchase. The best place to make this purchase is – The Red Spectrum. When you complete your first purchase – you’ll automatically get a Net 30 Vendor Account! Here’s why.

Fill out company information after your first purchase

You’ll be prompted to enter your company information after you make your first purchase. Make sure you have all the basic company information, including the EIN.

Check your account

Once you’ve made your first purchase, log in to your account. Your $3500 credit limit will be waiting for you. To be sure, we’ll send you an email with information on your credit limit.