About us


At The Red Spectrum, we provide small businesses with the skills and training they need to be successful. We understand a new business’s struggles, so we provide all our products and services with Net 30 Terms.

You Learn, We Report, and You Grow.

This winning mission statement was designed to give small businesses a chance to obtain a great tradeline on their business credit report. Establishing a Strong Business Credit profile is essential to getting your business funded.

We help you:

Obtain a better credit score
Gain invaluable business skills
Secure a great tradeline
Open your Net 30 Vendor Accounts
Kickstart your business
Increase online revenue

Who do we report to?


Equifax offers one of the best credit reporting options for small businesses. If you’re not fully satisfied with your business credit score – read our guide on how to build business credit!

Obtaining a solid business credit score will open many doors for your business. To ensure you can improve your credit score, you’ll want to build your business credit with a net 30 vendor account. Here is the list of 10 best net 30 vendors to help you increase your business credit.

FACTIIVComing soon

Factiiv is a unique and never-before-seen credit reporting solution, enabling you to create a credit report on the blockchain. Every single piece of information is secure, private, and trustworthy.

We’ll help you build business credit through Factiiv and ensure your business gets the funding it needs to grow continuously. Whatever credit score you obtain from Factiiv, we’ll help you improve it and increase your credit limit as much as possible.

CREDIT SAFEComing soon

Creditsafe is a collective of global business intelligence experts specializing in business credit checking and all round B2B solutions. Creditsafe was founded in Norway in 1997, and after moving to Sweden in 1998, the company began its European expansion by opening offices in numerous European countries. Creditsafe opened up in the USA in September 2012 with an office in Allentown PA.

Creditsafe provides online commercial credit information and business reports. The company offers online business credit reports with a public and private companies database.